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iPress can also provide valuable support during the organization of a public event, offering you a complete digital press room where you can manage accreditations, speaker biographies, press releases, social media, photos and videos. All of this is available on a single page. But this is not all: every event will also be available on your site, synchronizing information from our platform.

Manage an event effectively to better communicate it

Prolong the life cycle of your event, creating content that is updated over time through social network feeds and the management of press reviews by topic and by speaker. In a single iPress link, which can be synchronized with your site, you will have:

  • a page dedicated to the event
  • photos, videos, biographies, press releases and press reviews of all the speakers
  • an accreditation form for your event
  • the press review to be shared with sponsors, partners and speakers
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The speakers pages are an interesting mix as they provide social feeds, biographies, press coverage automatically updated and books eventually written.

Francesco Paulo Marconi

Philip Kotler

Paolo Iabichino

Examples of the latest events published

If you are interested to our events pages, please, don’t hesitate to contact us sending details about the event you are organizing.

Do you need further information?

Our basic version is free, which gives users access to our key “listening” features.
Communicate and Organize: this premium function is for information and communication professionals who wish to distribute their stories more effectively. If you’re working for a newspaper, a blog or a public administration, you will have access to a few free features, such as the opportunity to enter news or events. All the press reviews are instead available for a fee.
For communication professionals, all the “Communicate and Organize” features are available for a fee. These are advanced communication services that allow you to update your contact lists with an automatic reading system and to interact in real time with the authors from your sectors of interest. The cost varies depending on the number of press reviews purchased, on the functions required and on the customizations.
Write to us to receive a personalized quote:

There are some premium features for some destinations on our Platform 9 ¾. The free one is ours: Communication destination with a selection of 9 articles and 9 signatures to follow every week. The cost for other destinations is 5 euros per month for everyone, except for information professionals (journalists, bloggers, public communicators, …) for whom Platform 9 ¾ is always free. Finally, there are some newsletters offered by trade associations or companies such as Italia Startup, Netcomm or Amadeus that offer their selections to members or to those interested in their sector of reference.

Anyone who is interested in exploring a topic and wants to have a net for catching the most interesting news in a messy sea of information can subscribe on iPress.

iPress was designed also for companies: our platform allows you in fact to reorganize and update your site (and the site of any trade association) without losing time with a thousand different uploads. iPress will allow you to create actual mini sites with image galleries, videos, news, scenario and brand press releases, people, spokespersons, event speakers and events themselves. Everything organized in orderly flows that you can share with the journalists who are most interested. The press areas are really easy to develop thanks to the synchronization function of our platform, which displays APIs that are very easy to use.
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All non-profit organizations will have the possibility to use the platform free of charge for “premium” services dedicated to communication and event organization. However, the purchase of credits and scenario and brand press reviews remains available for a fee, because these are services that iPress purchases from third parties.

In Italy all startups associated with Italia Startup will have the opportunity to use the platform free of charge also for “premium” services (dedicated to communication in the startup context) for one year, at the end of which they will be able to renew their subscription to iPress at a reduced price. In US we are looking for partners to propose a similar agreement. The advanced services in other areas of interest and the communication of events are available for a fee, as is the purchase of credits and press reviews, because these are services that iPress purchases from third parties.

iPress saves time, facilitates quality reading and improves communication, making it timely and targeted. It is a perfect tool for passionate readers, but also for professionals in the world of information and communication who want to use a simple tool to stay up to date on everything and find a sounding box for their articles.
iPress is a valuable tool for communicating in a targeted manner, fact checking on a news story or organizing events as quickly and easily as possible.

Event Management Tools

Try our premium functionality to organize, manage and communicate your events.