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In the saga that follows the adventures of Harry Potter, the most famous wizard of Hogwarts, Platform 9 ¾ is the door that leads to a new world, a magical and unexpected world that is the setting for fantastic stories and characters.

iPressLIVE offers the same kind of Platform, featuring the weekly departure of a valuable newsletter, the result of the work of our algorithm and our editorial staff. This is how iPress sums up and chooses for you only 9 stories and 9 authors based on your interests. Why 9? Because it is the very best of the week - only the most authoritative authors and highest quality articles. In Italian we have several destinations, in English we would like to know witch destination you want to reach.

BinarioOnLife was born from the famous neologism coined by the philosopher Luciano Floridi to investigate the new physical-digital hybrid world, studying the cultural, political and social transformations produced by the digital and technological revolution.

Platform 9 ¾

Destination OnLife

From our platform, dedicated to the physical-digital world, a newsletter starts every Wednesday afternoon.

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