[GET] Organizations > Press Review
API version 1.0


This API returns all the datas on iPress related to a specific brand press review.

All organizations API:

Request Link

GET: https://api.ipresslive.it/v1.0/organizations/press-reviews/read/

Request Parameters

Name Description Required
token APIKEY (40-character alphanumeric string) that allows access to the API. Yes
lng Language in which the results will be returned.
Default value: IT
Possible values:
  • IT: Italian
  • EN: English
  • DE: German
limit Number of shown results
With limit=n only n elements will be shown.
(Example: limit=7 will show only 7 or fewer elements)
showall By default only selected elements are shown
Whit showall=y all elements will be shown.

Request Example

GET: https://api.ipresslive.it/v1.0/organizations/press-reviews/read/?token={YOUR_APIKEY}&lng={LANGUAGE_CODE}&limit={LIMIT_NUMBER}&showall=y

Response Elements

Name Description Type
Organization Organization name String
Media Name of the newspaper, TV program or radio program String
Title Title of the article String
Journalist Name of the journalist String
Category Category of the article String
Date Date of the article Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Pdf Pdf of the article String
Link Link of the article String

Response Example

    "Organization": "iPress Live",
    "Media": "The New York Times",
    "Title": "Lorem ipsum",
    "Journalist": "John Smith",
    "Category": "WEB",
    "Date": "01/01/2022",
    "Pdf": "https://coverage.ipresslive.com/Docs/00000/file-name.pdf",
    "Link": "https://www.ipresslive.it/it/ipress/comunicati/view/0000/"

Response Errors

Code Description
404 Not found: invalid request
401 Unauthorized: APIKEY entered invalid or no longer enabled

Response Errors Example

  "responseCode": "404",
  "responseMessage": "Not found"