[GET] Organizations > Gallery
API version 1.0


This API returns all the datas on iPress related to a specific brand gallery.

All organizations API:

Request Link

GET: https://api.ipresslive.it/v1.0/organizations/galleries/read/

Request Parameters

Name Description Required
token APIKEY (40-character alphanumeric string) that allows access to the API. Yes
lng Language in which the results will be returned.
Default value: IT
Possible values:
  • IT: Italian
  • EN: English
  • DE: German
id Id of the requested element to get a single result No

Request Example

GET: https://api.ipresslive.it/v1.0/organizations/galleries/read/?token={YOUR_APIKEY}&lng={LANGUAGE_CODE}&id={ID}

Response Elements

Name Description Type
Organization Organization name String
Id Id of the gallery Int
Title Title of the gallery String
Photos List of images of the gallery.
  • Small: small version of the image (Type: string)
  • Medium: medium version of the image (Type: string)
  • Large: large version of the image (Type: string)
  • Caption: caption of the image (Type: string)

Response Example

    "Organization": "iPress Live",
    "Id": "00000",
    "Title": "Lorem ipsum",
    "Photos": [
        "Small": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/iprs/files/images/00000/file-name__S.png",
        "Medium": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/iprs/files/images/00000/file-name__M.png",
        "Large": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/iprs/files/images/00000/file-name__L.png",
        "Caption": "Lorem ipsum"

Response Errors

Code Description
404 Not found: invalid request
401 Unauthorized: APIKEY entered invalid or no longer enabled

Response Errors Example

  "responseCode": "404",
  "responseMessage": "Not found"