Techno runs through Europe: from France to Italy and back, the universal cry of Power

In rhythm with the Planet

Techno runs through Europe: from France to Italy and back, the universal cry of Power 

Appointment in Paris on May 26 for the release party with Planète Boum Boum: at the stroke of midnight, Power, a techno track by Sharxx and Lotta that has already made the main squares of Italy dance, has been launched on Spotify and on YouTube

Techno transcends language and cultural barriers and unites protests in a single cry: born on October 6, 2023 from the creative energy of Sharxx and Lotta, inspired by the techno of Planète Boum Boum and Mathilde Caillard, Power accompanied the Fridays For Future protests and now it has taken flight (or rather train) to Paris, where it has been launched right along with the French collective and taken to the streets of the city

The song is now available through this YouTube link

At this link the press release in Italian, at this link in French

Milan-Paris, May 27, 2024 - “Retraite, climat: même combat!” reads Planète Brûlée, a techno track by Planète Boum Boum made with Mathilde Caillard of Action Justice Climat Paris that took off from Paris during the pension protests and travelled across Europe, reaching Italy as well. Here it inspired artists Sharxx and Lotta, who were called upon to compose a techno track to accompany the Fridays For Future protests: thus was born Power, the song that made the main squares of Italy dance during the global climate strike on October 6. 

A journey that does not end, in fact it has just begun: on May 26, in Paris, Sharxx and Lotta have been with Planèt Boum Boum at La Magma, an art walk started from L'Académie du climat, to launch Power, available now on YouTube.

“A single cry that really unites all of Europe toward a single end: climate justice. This is my dream for Power, a song born out of international contamination and immediately belonging to everyone and everyone. What better place than Paris, which inspired it, to launch it?” declares Lotta, climate artivist. “Our friends at Planète Boum Boum and Action Justice Climat Paris immediately accepted the proposal: after months of telling each other we should sing together we've really done it, and Power will be the soundtrack to a protest without geographic, cultural or linguistic borders, techno as a weapon of mass unity.”

Power was born from the connection of different skills and energies, produced by young Sharxx, Lotta's music producer.

“We were asked to produce a track to accompany FFF protests throughout Italy, in about ten sleepless days we built this infectiously charged piece: techno gets inside you, it is able to unite people in one wave to the rhythm of the beats that make us alive. Its potential could not be exhausted in dance, as any art form had to take on a message and cross times and places with it,” adds Sharxx, music producer. “I am convinced that the issue of climate justice has no boundaries, no sides, no distinctions: the Planet is for everyone and everyone must have the goal to continue living it as part of an ecosystem, joining the rhythm of its beats, in harmony with the natural beauty it offers us. Techno can remind us of all this, convey this universal awareness beyond all borders.”

A collaboration rooted in the past months, that between Italy and France, which also generated the viral reel of Toxic, for which Planète Boum Boum used precisely a base by Lotta and Sharxx.

“Isn't it amazing that in the face of political disagreements, jealousies between states, and the nationalism that is running rampant, it is precisely young people who are showing the way to contamination and solidarity? Where governments don't arrive, we arrive, in the hope that our choral cry will infect the whole of Europe, also in view of the upcoming European elections.” concludes Mathilde Caillard, voice and face of Action Justice Climat Paris "Techno gathers the voices of claim for freedom that run through places and generations, against all forms of censorship and friction between peoples: we are one humanity, part of the Planet ecosystem, we will dance, sing and protest together as long as we have a voice and a body to do so."

The song is now available on YouTube, through this link. POWER cover si made by Akira.



Convinced that our voice is the most powerful weapon against indifference. Lotta sings, plays and writes because she feels that through these creative forms a bridge can be created between message and individual. The show wants to generate a “reaction” that can turn into a shockwave that catches the eyes of those who look away, words and notes are its building blocks to build a world we can call Home.


Making music to improve the world, that is his goal. Andrea Girgenti, aka Sharxx, started out as a DJ to become a music producer. He gets to know the world of music through his older sister: she is the one who explains to him what a DJ is all about and instills in him her passion. He finds his mission together with Lotta, with whom he collaborates to produce tracks that lead climate protests in Italy and beyond.



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