Jacopo Piana

Jacopo Piana

Founder and CEO

After obtaining his Bachelor and Master in Economics in 2011 from Bocconi University, with a major in Financial Econometrics, Jacopo moved abroad. During his stay in Switzerland, he successfully obtained a Master in Finance and Trading while working as a Quant Analyst at the Ifchor Group and starting the Company Research Department. Working on market analytics, he understood the potential of Big-Data and automated data analysis. He decided to improve his knowledge of econometrics and Machine Learning by enrolling in a PhD in Empirical Finance at the Cass Business School in London.

In 2014, after having completed the first year of PhD, he became contract professor in Quantitative Methods at the University of Geneva. At the same time, Jacopo kept consulting the private sector on data analysis and automated forecasting algorithms, and he expanded his network in the London professionals community by organising events as a board member of the Bocconi London Alumni Chapter.

In 2016 he was invited as Visiting Scholar at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, where he made significant progress on his PhD thesis work which focused on the empirical study of Bounded Rationality and Market Expectation Formation. After having obtained his PhD successfully and with more than ten years of experience in applying data-analysis algorithms to both academic research and the private sector, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. In 2018 he started Quick Algorithm Analytics, with the vision that Data-Driven decision-making should be more efficient and accessible to any company, institution and individual.

Since then, he is leading the company, which has grown organically without external financing and is generating revenues since the first year. In record time, the company developed a SaaS application named Scops, which allows companies to automate data-analysis and effortlessly use Artificial Intelligence to get insight from data. Among early adopters of Quick Algorithm technology, there are leading international companies such as Unilever and Angelini Pharmaceutical. Now Jacopo is focusing on the scaling up of the company and making Quick Algorithm technology accessible to any company and individual at a global level.