Fashion Dgital Lab

Fashion Dgital Lab

The Fashion Digital Lab will be a totally new ecosystem of innovation and contents, designed exclusively to offer top fashion brands, merchants and digital innovators the chance to come together to build the synergies and connections, the tools and the systems which will enable the success of these companies and the industry tomorrow.

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The Fashion Digital Lab is opening

The Fashion Digital Lab, will be located in Lugano, Aimed at developing what Switzerland does best: fashion, innovation and digital technologies. A hotbed of dozens of the world’s greatest fashion brands and powerful innovation spilling out from Zurich and fostered by NetComm Suisse, Fondazione Agire and a host of others such as Accenture Interactive, PostFinance ...

Fashion Digital Lab Press Office - iPress Suisse - Simona Miele


Das Fashion Digital Lab ist bereit für den Start

Das Fashion Digital Lab mit Sitz in Lugano hat zum Ziel, die führenden Sektoren der Schweiz weiterzuentwickeln: Mode, Innovation und digitale Technologien.

Simona Miele für Fashion Digital Lab Pressebüro