WeSchool accelerates to help schools reopening thanks to blended learning

WeSchool accelerates to help schools reopening thanks to blended learning

The Italian EdTech platform, that enabled homeschooling for 25% of Italian schools during lockdown, raises € 6.4 million from P101, TIM Ventures and CDP Venture Capital Sgr and issues the challenge of growth

Milan, August 7th, 2020. Since 2016, WeSchool has helped teachers through a digital classroom platform and with online courses about innovative teaching methodologies. The start-up has just closed a €6.4 million funding round, subscribed by lead investor P101 through its two funds P102 and Italia 500 (the latter created by Azimut), TIM Ventures, CDP Venture Capital Sgr, Digital Club and Club Italia Investimenti 2.

WeSchool has 1.7 million registered users and allows teachers to share materials and videos, practice, discuss with students and innovate classroom teaching through group work, instant tests and new methodologies such as flipped classroom or teach-to-learn, in which students - supported by teachers - are at the very centre of the learning process.

During lockdown, WeSchool - the only Italian platform among the three officially mentioned on the Italian Ministry of Education’s website - was widely used for homeschooling and distance teaching, connecting more than one million active users every day from smartphones or computers and allowing them not to interrupt teaching continuity.

"During lockdown, distance learning was sometimes ineffective, due to a lack of fitting tools or because it mirrored classroom-taught lessons. Nonetheless, it had the extraordinary effect of improving the digital skills of the Italian schooling system as a whole" - stated Marco De Rossi, founder and CEO of WeSchool - “This experience will allow more and more teachers to join our blended teaching model when schools will open again in the coming months. We believe in this model, in which technology is used both inside the classroom and at home, and is at the service of an increasingly involving and cooperative teaching practice".

"The education landscape is undergoing a profound transformation: our increasingly digital life requires that our skills be formed in a coherent and flexible environment. WeSchool is the platform where teachers can find what schools need today in order to face this evolution, which the recent lockdown has just accelerated" - commented Andrea Di Camillo, Managing Partner of P101.

"From the very beginning TIM Ventures believed in WeSchool, investing in their innovative teaching method, which is proving to be increasingly important" - declared Carlo Nardello, President of TIM Ventures and Chief Strategy, Customer Experience and Transformation Officer of TIM - "Our participation in the growth of a platform that has now become one of the digital infrastructures of the Italian school confirms once again TIM’s central role in the digitalization of Italy".

"Education, digital training and integrated teaching are priorities for Italy, as it’s now recovering" - commented Francesca Bria, President of CDP Venture Capital Sgr - "Rethinking the school system in the light of the latest transformations is essential to the future of our country. To support the talent of teachers and students we need to strengthen the new digital learning methodologies. During the Covid-19 emergency, WeSchool put itself at the service of the school system with vision and effectiveness. We are pleased to support an Italian platform that has such a strong growth potentiality in such a strategic sector, as we believe that education and knowledge are at the core of democracy".

The new WeSchool’s Board of Directors consists of Marco De Rossi (CEO), Andrea Laudadio (Chairman) for TIM, Andrea Di Camillo (P101), Anna Paola Concia and Salvo Mizzi.

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