Roselli Enrico

Roselli Enrico

CEO @ La Martina Europe

Enrico Roselli was born on March 18, 1973.
He attended secondary school focusing on humanities and later he moved on to college at University of Milan.

He was admitted to the lawyers register and he practiced law for a few years at The Court of Appeal of Milan.

He worked for the Italian Patent and Trademark Office and for the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market as trademark and design attorney.

In 1999 he had the opportunity of meeting Lando Simonetti and they started a profitable partnership: Roselli became CEO at LM Europe SA (Europe, Middle East and Asia).

He led the brand extension including footwear, leather goods, perfumes and eyewear in full compliance with the brand heritage. This policy allowed to increase the sales volume in EMEA and shortly afterwards in Asia (e.g. New Delhi, Singapore, Bangkok).