State Of The Net

The conference which tries to capture the state of art of the internet in Italy and in the world, considering its impact on our society. SotN is a key meeting for the italian industry and tech community, as it investigates dynamics and opportunities in the current digital scenario. We gather each year the most relevant opinion makers, entrepreneurs and journalists from Italy, Europe and the United States.

   State Of The Net & Live streaming

State of the Net 2015 [as streamed live]


State of the Net 2015 - Special preview

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Lee Rainie Download HQ

Lee Rainie, intervista Download HQ

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Founder of State of the Net


Founder of State of the Net  


Founder of State of the Net



director of internet science and technology research, Pew Research Center


Entrepreneur - founder - board member of several companies such as Dotsub Futuroid Axelera WideTag  


First generation cypherpunk and open hardware innovator


Co-founder, Headshift; Co-founder, POST*SHIFT  


Author speaker and business strategist


Journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore  


journalist, writer, blogger; chief innovation editor at Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore


Senior Research & Development Project Leader for Eni  


Journalist, blogger, communication consultant and photographer


Independent Consultant on Change, Complexity, Knowledge Work, Learning  


Chief Data Officer for the Generali Group


Ceo and Cto of FacilityLive  


Electronic and telecommunication engineer, Digital Champion and journalist, proud co-founder JewelGram


Country Director eDreams OdigeO Italy  

   News & Social

Al fine di agevolare la valorizzazione e condivisione dei contenuti e delle notizie in occasione di State of the Net, tutti i partecipanti sono invitati a pubblicare le proprie notizie su iPressLIVE, la News Social Platform per giornalisti, blogger e uffici stampa che permette di gestire in un'unica piattaforma news e social network e ad oggi ospita circa 20.000 giornalisti e blogger e 4.000 testate e blog.

Marco Ferrario e Martina Mauro per State of the Net

Un’edizione speciale nella città di EXPO 2015 per scoprire l’impatto degli algoritmi sulla società con un panel di speaker internazionali. 4-5 ottobre 2015

Gianluca Di Tommaso per State of the Net

The Elena Rasa, Generali Chief Data Officer, speech at #SotN15

Matteo Russo per Generali

State of the Net: a Milano per esplorare il mondo degli algoritmi. Un’edizione speciale nella città di EXPO 2015 per scoprire l’impatto degli algoritmi sulla società con un panel di speaker internazionali

Gianluca Di Tommaso per State of the Net

A State of the Net, i dati sull'utilizzo di internet nel mondo presentati da Lee Rainie, direttore della ricerca su Internet, Scienza e Tecnologia presso il Pew Research Center

Marco Ferrario e Martina Mauro per Sotn

   #SOTN15 - Credit: Daniele Braida

Scarica gallery


OCT 4 > Preview

05:00 PM Registration

06:00 PM Meet the speakers
Your chance to be part of the conversation the day before, exploring the themes of the conference

07:30 PM  Happy hour

OCT 5 > Conference

08:30 AM Registration

09:30 AM Opening remarks
Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin and Sergio Maistrello, the founders of State of the Net, giving you a warm welcome

09:45 AM The Next Digital Disruptions
Lee Rainie 
Global trends in adoption of the internet and the next revolution that is now underway

10:15 AM The State of the Net in numbers
How things are, a year later. A conversation with Lee Rainie and Beniamino Pagliaro

10:45 AM  What is an algorithm?
Gianpiero Riva 
Easy like making pasta, complicated as the world

11:00 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM Hyperhistory
Luca De Biase 
What exactly is new in the symbiosis between humans and algorithms?

11:50 AM Algo-finance
Vittorio Carlini 
Financial markets and the illusion of numbers

12:10 PM Chasing energy with data and algorithms
Nicola Bienati 
Seismic Imaging for oil and gas explorers

12:30 PM Of men and algorithms
Nicola Bienati  Luca De Biase  Vittorio Carlini Alessio Jacona 
The future role of algorithms in our society

01:00 PM Lunch time

02:30 PM Organisations in the age of algorithms
Lee Bryant 
Social technologies and the breaking out of the "one fits all" approach

02:50 PM Are data really improving the business (and our life)?
Ton Zijlstra  Angelo Ghigliano  Elena Rasa Gianpiero Lotito 
Lessons learned dealing with the explosion of digital data around us

03:30 PM Coffee Break

04:00 PM Something New: AIs and Us
David Orban 
Algorithms are deciding about our lives with opaque criteria. Are we happy with it?

04:20 PM Computers that just work
Vinay Gupta 
Trying to finally automate away bureaucracy

05:00 PM The future of work
Lee Bryant  Vinay Gupta  David Orban  Euan Semple 
Are really machines making workers obsolete?

05:45 PM Closing remarks
Final notes and goodbye

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