SecureFlag, a training platform for the development of secure, next-generation software, closes a financing round with the entry of GELLIFY


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Milan, 19 May 2020SecureFlag, an online training platform that applies new methodologies for the development of secure, next-generation software, has joined the portfolio of GELLIFY, a B2B innovation platform that selects, invests in and grows innovative high-tech startups and connects them to traditional companies to innovate their processes, products and business models. 

SecureFlag was founded in London in 2020 by Emilio Pinna and Andrea Scaduto. Pinna is a software engineer who has experience in the fields of offensive security e adversary emulation in both the financial and banking sectors.  Scaduto is a software engineer with a background in cybersecurity in the finance, energy and telecommunications sectors. He has always worked to solve the needs and challenges of security in the business world, with particular attention to the development of solutions aimed at reducing costs to solve large-scale security problems.

The startup was founded and is currently placed in a market with great potential in both perspectives and numbers. Information security in software development is considered a fundamental aspect in the business world: it affects the loyalty of existing customers and is one of the main sales drivers for acquiring new ones. Moreover, the costs of security breaches are considerable in terms of  penalties imposed by regulators and in terms of damage to a company’s reputation.

As a result, all companies operating in regulated sectors provide computer security training to their software developers and other employees in tech-related departments.

Currently, there are two established kinds of training options in the field of information security and applications.

The first is live training with a technical instructor which offers some benefits, as this kind of training provides practical examples that facilitate learning through a personalized approach. However, live training has some downsides including high costs and scheduled reviews which make it a training that is not sustainable to apply periodically.

The second type is remote training called ‘Computer Based Training’ (CBT). Classic CBT provides training through a series of slides and animations that are purely theoretical. It lacks practical and personalized examples that are necessary to understand the complexity of modern software and the different specializations of developers.

Although it has the advantage of being an economical solution to train tens of thousands of developers in large companies and multinationals per the standards of the regulatory bodies, it’s difficult to measure the ROI of CBT. This is because the tests which are used in CBT are often based on multiple-choice questions that aren’t sufficient to measure whether the person being trained is then able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

SecureFlag was specifically created to bridge the gap between these two types of training. It provides an online training platform for learning through new methodologies for the development of secure software.

The platform offers practical exercises in real development environments that are created on demand in just a few seconds and accessible through the web.

It offers a free platform with limited functionality and a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for companies and organizations.

Simulations of real development environments, interactive and 'gamified' training, customized practical exercises, employee-selectable training paths and certifications, simulations of cyber-attacks in internal developer communities, individual and team result metrics, a measurable ROI in training: these are all features included in a single platform that set it apart from others on the market.

SecureFlag's gellification program will involve all areas of the organization, with variable intensity and priority: from strategy to marketing, through fiscal, legal and administrative support.

SecureFlag operates in the cybersecurity market, which will be worth 248 billion dollars in 2023, and will fulfill an increasingly frequent need for protection from virtual attacks, helping developer teams to develop secure software in an innovative way. - said Fabio Nalucci, the CEO and founder of GELLIFY - We are proud to support the founders in the growth of their startup”.

"Joining GELLIFY’s portfolio is a major step. - said Andrea Scaduto, Director and Co-founder SecureFlag - In the first months of activity SecureFlag has already revolutionized the approach to cybersecurity training, through practical secure coding exercises, in real development environments. We are proud to count on an innovative organization like GELLIFY to support SecureFlag's growth on the international scene".



GELLIFY is an innovation platform that connects high-tech B2B startups with traditional companies to innovate their processes, products and business models.

With headquarters in Italy and offices in Spain and the United Arab Emirates, the company’s success is based on its unique model that infuses companies with the most advanced B2B startup technologies and GELLIFY’s expertise. The platform accompanies startups from their ‘gaseous’ or ‘liquid’ embryonic state to a reliable and scalable ‘solid’ state through its exclusive and proprietary growth program, ‘GELLIFICATION.’ This growth is financed through smart investments implemented by GELLIFY and its co-investors.

GELLIFY has also created a community called ‘EXPLORE’ where entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals can connect on any digital device. Through the app, downloadable from the App Store and Google Playstore, subscribers can have phygital experiences that alternate between the physical and digital world, participate in events, and infuse their companies with the most advanced startup technologies and GELLIFY skills. 

GELLIFY consists of 3 business units:

- GELLIFY for Startups, which is dedicated to the gellification of startups that have already expressed traction in the market. The ‘gellification’ program provides more complex services than mentorship and basic business creation services typical of incubators. It lasts 6-24 months and involves all areas of the company.

- GELLIFY for Companies, which is focused on open innovation services for SMEs and large corporations that want to build new innovative business paths. This division specializes in corporate venturing, innovation strategies, sales and marketing digitization, industry 4.0 and digital operations, digitization and workforce empowerment.

- GELLIFY for Investors, which provides investment advisory and the management of a GELLIFY Investment Fund on selected innovative B2B Tech Start-ups.

Partners of GELLIFY for 2020 TT Tecnosistemi, a company focused on advanced IT solutions and the tax consulting firm Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati with the Partner Stefano Tronconi and Junior Partner Luca Neri.


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About SecureFlag

Founded in London in 2020 by two Italian software engineers expert in cybersecurity, Andrea Scaduto and Emilio Pinna, SecureFlag is an online training platform that applies new methodologies for the development of secure, next-generation software. It offers practical exercises in real development environments that are created on demand in a few seconds and accessible through the web.

SecureFlag revolutionizes the approach to security teaching for large enterprises: through a continuously updated catalog of exercises with the most common security issues, many supported programming languages and an SDK (Software Development Kit) to create new exercises, our customers can expand their Application Security Training program and train developers in the most important areas according to the company's mission.


Contacts SecureFlag

Director and Co-founder

Andrea Scaduto

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Director and Co-founder

Emilio Pinna

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