Italy. The Three Year Plan: The Road to Digital Transformation of the Country

Team per la Trasformazione Digitale
Team per la Trasformazione Digitale

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Italy: Published the Three Year Plan for the Digital Transformation of Public Administration 

“The Three Year Plan: The Road to Digital Transformation of the Country” is the title of Diego Piacentini's post that illustrates the novelties of the collaborative approach and the tools to interact with it.

Link to the Medium Post

Link to the Government press release (in italian)

Rome, may 31, 2017 – The Three Year Plan, written by AgID – Italian Digital Agency – in collaboration with the Digital Transformation Team, is the official document used to plan investments in technology in a structured way and to set forth a strategic vision for the three-year period of 2017-2019.   

Today is the day that the Three Year Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Public Adminstration will be published. It’s a strategic document that guides and supports the entire Public Administration in an organic and coherent process of digital transformation. It is also in line with the majority of the objectives of the new European eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020.

A technology plan is not static: the nature of technology is constantly evolving and over time, innovation changes paradigms. – wrote Diego Piacentini, Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda in his Medium post - We are introducing a completely new approach to participation because in order to reach the goal of digitally transforming the services of the Public Administration, we will have to work in a collaborative manner.

"By clicking on the GitHub link you will be able to explore each chapter and section of the Three Year Plan as a text file. You will be able to propose modifications to parts of the text or integrations by opening pull requests that will then be evaluated by the Three Year Plan’s maintainers – members of AgID and the Digital Transformation Team – who will provide the Public Administrations with constant support. You will be able to ask for clarifications regarding particular sections by opening specific issues that will be directly dealt with by the maintainers.


If you are interested in reading the text, this is the site of the Triennial Plan where you will also find all the collaborative tools to interact with it. Happy reading!” concludes Diego.


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