Developers Italia is born, the developers community of Italian digital government services

Team per la Trasformazione Digitale
Team per la Trasformazione Digitale

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Developers Italia is born, the developers community of Italian digital government services


Source code, discussion areas and a new document management system will all be available on as announced in our post on the Operating System of the Country.

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See the keynote of Simone Piunno, CTO, and Giovanni Bajo, Developers Relations of the Digital Transformation Team on Codemotion's Youtube channel


Developers Italia, created from the collaboration of AgID with the Digital Transformation Team, is the developers community of Italian digital Government services, a platform upon which to host all the major technology projects in the country. To date, the projects hosted on Developers Italia are:

  • ANPR – the National Population Registry – an extraordinary challenge for the country, essential to the birth of many new digital services
  • SPID, the public digital authentication system that allows all citizens to identify themselves securely with a single credential
  •, the national catalog of open data of the Italian public Administrations that aggregates in a single portal most of the open data exposed by the various local and national administrations.

It provides:

  • a space on GitHub for hosting the source code and open-source libraries ready for use and integration
  • an area based on ReadTheDocs for rewriting structured and indexed documentation, designed and written for developers
  • a newsletter and a space for news, where developers can be updated on new projects and activities
  • an open forum based on Discourse, where developers can freely discuss with colleagues all over Italy and the world.

The Digital Transformation Team believes that technology initiatives won’t be successful simply because they are imposed by law but because they are useful for citizens, are modern, and easy for developers to integrate.

For this reason, it was created an open environment, where we can offer tools and documentation, receive comments and contributions, interact with developers of the public and private sectors, simplify and improve quality.

The Digital Transformation Team and AgID are already participating in the forum and working to improve the quality of project documentation.

Public procurement process will be launched for small software development jobs with Italian technology companies, including startups, that want to help.

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