Hironobu Yoshikawa

Co-founder and CEO, Treasure Data, Inc.



Hironobu “Hiro” Yoshikawa is a software entrepreneur and the founding CEO of Treasure Data, Inc., an advanced, cloud based data unification and analytics platform company, fully backed and funded by top tier Silicon Valley and Japan investors. Its data analytics platform primes the enterprise by making more data and the right data available across business units for marketing, product development, operations and data science, and currently unifies 2 events (data records) per second from over 5 million devices and runs 350,000 analytics queries each day especially to accelerate data-driven marketing and IoT. Treasure Data is also known as the creator of several industry leading and some of most popular open-source technologies in the data unification and AI/Machine Learning spaces such as Fluentd, MessagePack and Hivemall.

Latest tweets

  • @YoshikawaHiro
    RT @dscheinm: First customer is hard. Getting go to market motion is hard. Scaling the company is really hard. The thing is that as you…
  • @YoshikawaHiro
    RT @kzk_mover: 今までTDのプロダクトマネージャーは全員Mountain Viewベースでしたが、今回初めて東京でTechnical Product Manager (バックエンド)を募集します。毎日50兆件のデータを裁くシステムのプロダクトマネージメントにご興味…
  • @YoshikawaHiro
    RT @kzk_mover: "Innovation vs Security? Get the Best of Both Worlds with Treasure Data" >
  • @YoshikawaHiro
    RT @CloudNativeFdn: Congrats on the first @fluentd Enterprise edition!
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