Rob Bishop

Co-founder & CEO, Magic Pony Technology

Da Wikipedia

Robert William "Rob" Bishop (Kaysville, 13 luglio 1951) è un politico statunitense, membro della Camera dei Rappresentanti per lo stato dello Utah.



Co-founder & CEO at Magic Pony Technology, a research-led technology company developing state-of-the-art machine-learning based approaches for visual processing on web, desktop and mobile.  Magic Pony Technology was acquired by Twitter Inc. in June 2016. Magic Pony's technology allowed it to take a source image or video and then improve it, adding detail by examing existing features.

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  • @Rob_Bishop
    Looking for recommendations for great academic textbooks. Open to any field, although graduate math and physics esp…
  • @Rob_Bishop
    RT @marsrader: The star VFTS 102 in the Tarantula Nebula is the fastest spinning star ever found, with an equatorial velocity up to 600 km/…
  • @Rob_Bishop
    RT @ShaneAParrish: Focus is more scarce than talent.
  • @Rob_Bishop
    RT @sama: If you consistently do something today instead of scheduling a meeting for next week, your career is likely to be far more impact…
  • @Rob_Bishop
    RT @emollick: Two really amazing findings in this study that gave sleep trackers to MIT chemistry students: 🛌The quality of sleep accounted…
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