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iPressLIVE helps very busy managers to save time

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, interaction workers spend upwards of 28 percent of each workday in email and 19 percent in information gathering.
This means that we spend 50% of our time selecting what is relevant for us and what is not!

iPress has many faces and one of them could be yours:

  • Mario, manager - he wants know everything about his sector and his company competitors.
  • Francesca, startup founder – she doesn’t want to miss out on anything that people are saying or writing about the startup she just founded.
  • Gloria, event manager, she’s an event manager who is looking for a solution to easily manage accreditations, speakers, press releases and live streaming for her events.
  • Luca, journalist - he wants to dedicate himself to writing his articles and verifying his sources, without having to worry about their distribution.
  • Michele, student – he’s writing his thesis and needs to find interesting sources and articles quickly.

An answer to information overload


Filtering and receiving content by topic from every possible source is free in the basic version.


Those who wish to communicate or organize events can try our premium functionality designed for communication and information professionals.

iPress reads thousands of sources every day for you and organizes them according to your interests

From today, you can follow all your interests without missing out on any news thanks to iPress: a system that allows you to organize all the stories from print and online newspapers, but also from radios and TVs, press releases and events, in a listening system organized by authors, keywords and topics.

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Newspapers, Radios, TVs
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The “Listen” section is free for everyone in the basic version